Danu Center for Strategic Advocacy
Building the Tools of Social Justice

What we do

Building the Tools of Social Justice


Protecting privacy,
Securing safety

Implementing confidentiality can be challenging, especially in the modern world of routine over-sharing. Anti-violence professionals face enormous challenges in creating effective policies that protect survivor privacy, facilitate productive collaboration, and comply with funder demands & legal requirements.

Confidentiality Institute offers unmatched expertise on a wide range of survivor privacy and organizational practice issues and will work with your organization or community collaboration to provide

  • on-call technical assistance,

  • policy research,

  • in-person training,

  • webinars,

  • protocol developments,

  • customized interactive training, and

  • localized toolkits to promote best practices.


Strengthening organizations, Developing advocates

Strategic Program Design

Our expertise prepares us to work with multiple partners and develop new initiatives, craft new strategies, or sharpen existing program models. Danu Center has particular expertise in the complexities of inter-disciplinary teams, especially when lawyers, social workers, and advocates are navigating various ethical requirements and disclosure/confidentiality rules.

Professional Development and Individual Coaching

Supporting staff and helping them grow can be difficult when time is short and everyone has a full plate. We design targeted, engaging, learn-by-doing training tailored to meet the needs and time constraints of your team. And we work with individuals to help them leverage their strengths and refine their skills. We can help with:

  • persuasive writing skills,

  • supervision, coaching, and communication within teams,

  • building a partnership with clients,

  • interviewing and active listening skills,

  • negotiation techniques,

  • public speaking and testimony before legislative bodies,

  • teaching to adult learners, and

  • navigating complex relationships with partners, funders, and other stakeholders.

Meeting and Retreat Facilitation

We assist clients to plan their events with a just-right agenda that is ambitious, but not overwhelming. Our facilitation will help:

  • ensure the group stays on track,

  • manage your decision-making processes,

  • promote active listening, civility, and equity in the exchange of thoughts and ideas, and

  • create a record of ideas shared, decisions made, and agreed action items.


Cultivating policy change

We can help social service, advocacy, and legal organizations to:

  • create a policy agenda that marries the organization’s capacity and mission,

  • develop a policy or advocacy program,

  • develop an effective strategy for advancing your policy proposals,

  • train advocates to write effective legislation, negotiate policy proposals, and position your organization or coalition as a leader on your issues,

  • research and draft legislation or administrative comments,

  • convene partners and create new coalitions,

  • respond to the ever-changing policy landscape,

  • craft written positions, including Op-Eds and white papers, and

  • problem-solve policy implementation.